The CSC600 – Wave Master II. The CSC600 presents with sporty, yet elegant lines, exceptional handling and seaworthiness all in an affordable and compact package. Despite its size and low weight, the CSC600, just like its smaller brother the CSC520, provides an exceptionally stable, dry and soft boating experience for the whole family even when the weather turns on you. The perfect mid-size level boat at half the price of other brands.

The CSC600 features an infusion molded, ultra-stiff and light-weight hull, a berth that can sleep two, a self-draining deck and a uniquely design stainless steel canopy with plenty of space for all your fishing gear. The floor-integrated storage/kill tank provides plenty of volume for your supplies or the catch of the day and is self-draining. The dashboard features plenty of space for additional instruments and a fish finder or MFD.


• Name:
• Model:
• Type:
• Capacity:

Sport Cuddy
7 People

• Length:
• Beam:
• Draft:
• Weight:

6.00 Meter
2.30 Meter
0.35 Meter
1100 Kg

• Engine:
• Details:
• Speed:
• Range:

Mercury Four Stroke
150 HP SeaPro
44.1 MPH / 71.0 KPH
155 M / 250 KM