The CSC420 – Wave Rider. Unparalleled handling and seaworthiness in a surprisingly small and compact package. Despite its size and weight, the CSC420 amazes with an exceptionally dry ride, soft underway even in choppy waters and stable at anchor. The perfect entry level boat at an unbelievable price tag.

The CSC420 features a fully foamed out hull, making it virtually unsinkable, a self‐draining deck eliminating the need for a bilge pump and a unique sliding steering console allowing for side console or center console set‐up and perfect weight distribution. The console boats plenty of space for additional instruments and fish finder/Sonar and an easily removable fuel tank and battery are located under the seat.


• Name:
• Model:
• Type:
• Capacity:
• Built:

Wave Rider
Sport Boat
4 People

• Color:
• Length:
• Beam:
• Draft:
• Weight:

4.20 Meter
1.70 Meter
0.20 Meter
250 Kg

• Engine:
• Start:
• Hours:
• Speed:
• Range:

Mercury Two Stroke 30 HP
Electric Start
0 - New
50.0 km/h @ 5500 RPM
170 km @ Best Cruise